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Socialism and the Survival of America

Socialism and the Survival of America

In the current times of political unrest, economic depression, a deflated real estate market and a high national unemployment rate, it’s no surprise that some sections of America are seeking new approaches to solving the gamut of these problems. Socialism has also been suggested as a means of solving the United States’ socio-economic inequities, and some recently instituted bills and acts reflect the ideals of socialism.

But there are some risks associated with socialism that not everyone may be aware of. The possibility looms large that a conversion to a socialist approach to government could create a range of problems for the country, including food shortages, job struggles and an ultimately worse economy and lets not forget it would be the end of America as we know it and as our parents, grandparents have known it.

What is socialism?

Socialism is the political ideal that both society and the economy should be operated in ways that meet public needs, rather than seeking to turn profits for a select few. Socialism places a strong emphasis on social ownership and control of the country’s productivity. It makes all members of society dependent on their peers by investing the well-being of the society at large into every business or socio-economic function.

While this has its benefits in an ideal world, socialism also relies on society as a whole pulling its collective weight. When certain members or groups of society slack off, it puts pressure on the rest of society’s members to put in extra work to account for this, or else lose productivity and thus hurt the economy. But a socially constructed economy and government would still support the members that fail to uphold their own end of the bargain, leading to inequities in effort expenditure without rewarding those factions who work harder than others.

Socialism’s cost to government

Socialism is built around the government and supports the various needs of society through government programs, which are paid out centrally and funded by the equal taxation of the rest of the members of society. As a result, socialism leads to a mass of government programs and initiatives that produce a great cost to society and requires significant taxation of the people to support.

Although some programs, such as education, are essential to the infrastructure of the United States and have been in place since the country’s inception, too many of these programs can cripple a country’s economy by levying too large a percentage of taxes on society. It also reduces the incentives of individual members of society to work hard to ensure that they and their family are cared for in a variety of ways.

But socialism in America would have effects far beyond the national tax rate.

Food, jobs, and becoming self-sufficient

Socialism can eliminate the incentive for many farmers who toil day in and day out to produce the food that feeds America. In several countries where socialism has been instituted, food prices have increased due to food shortages in the countries. Entire countries have had to resort to rationing their food to ensure that their people are able to survive, and in some cases they have had to look outside their own country for help.

Consequently, socialism could create a situation in which Americans are forced to be cautious about their food sources and develop methods of ensuring that their families can eat. Food storage in a socialist country would become more important as food rations are implemented amid food shortages. Gardening would become a relied-upon method of food development, as individuals and families tried to develop their own produce to supplement the rations provided by the government.

And while jobs may not be any harder to come by, they may not be any easier to come by, either, as individuals lose their incentive to work hard. That will hurt the national economy and put less money in the pockets of the people, encouraging poverty. And the jobs that are available will be less enticing than they currently are in our depressed economy because workers will be facing a fixed income that they have very little ability to increase without a larger social movement toward productivity — a movement that has yet to be seen in countries where socialism is more widely adopted.

The result is a society filled with people scrapping for the slightest economic advantages they can find in a sysytem that fails to reward exceptional effort at the expense of making sure everyone is minimally cared for. Ultimately, families would still be struggling to make ends meet, but without a capitalist structure in the government, their opportunities to do so will be more limited. So do not let anyone fool you into thinking Socialism is better, because its not.

Protecting your own interests

Rather than looking to the government to save you, the best approach an individual or family can take is to care for themselves by becoming self sufficient. Less reliance on the government means a greater opportunity to ensure the security and stability of your own well-being. Securing a job, relying less on government initiatives, and even growing your own food are all methods Americans can use to build toward their future and protect themselves in unstable times.

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  1. If you haven’t read Karl Marx, please don’t go around telling everyone what socialism is. Too many people are misled already, and we don’t need more scared Americans trying to murder everyone who so much as whispers an anti-capitalist sentiment.

    Ten to one you haven’t read him. I know I haven’t, and I have yet to meet an American who has. But your definition of socialism doesn’t even sound like what I learned in high school (and I graduated in 1992, hardly a pro-socialist time in our history!). So please limit your attempts at information dissemination to topics you actually understand.

    By the way, your take on who contributes to society and who doesn’t is excessively utilitarian and absolutely heartless. Being a mother, for example, does not draw a paycheck. But who’s going to do the mothering work if all the women have to go get jobs to “pull their weight”? Isn’t that what we are kind of seeing now? I bet you don’t like it, either.

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    • Thank you for the comment. However The Karl Marx comment is a little confusing since I have read his theories and I do disagree with a few points and in his time was just exactly that “theory”. It was over 150 years ago and although he was a great scholar he hardly can speak to what we are today. In 1992 we also were seeing a slow in the economy, however since 1992 we have seen many things happen that have changed the landscape forever including good economic times.

      As you can see in the post I did a brief overview of the basic definition of socialism, and I think that educating Americans or sparking a thought for them to research for themselves is the best thing, while I can hardly say that the article was a scare tactic when anyone who knows a bit of history knows the truth of how many people have been murdered and documented in between 80-100 million in the name of Socialism/Communism. To name a few , Stalin, Mao, Polpot, Ho-chi Minh is just a few to mention. Socialism is a step to communism and there is a thin line between them. I think the majority of Americans can see whats going on and they should base their decision on being educated and paying attention to current events, and bills passed or trying to be passed.

      My take on “contributing to society” in the article is based on Socialism and yes EVERYONE Will be contributing including you, myself and kids included just to get by. And I do wish Women could stay home as I think its very important and very hard work to be a mother. Also I never mentioned anything about not liking something, especially a woman working.

      The Article is based on basic laymen definition and history of other countries in tough times who have implemented or are socialist countries to begin with. The point was to tell people to not be self reliant on Government and to become self sufficient in times of uncertainty and to be prepared for any situation. I can assure you that if this country went broke or the dollar collapses it will make the great depression look like a picnic, and you better be prepared or educated on gardening, food storage or self independence. Their were 120 million people during that time and we now have over 300 million.

      Please feel free to reply, an open and civil discussion on both view points is greatly appreciated.

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